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How To Write A Powerful Essay On The Scarlet Letter

When you start to write the essay, you should first decide what you will write about. It can be anything but it has to be connected to the book. Be more specific when you select a topic, because it will show that you have researched your assignment.
You have to divide your essay into the introduction, main part and conclusion.

Here you have to impress the reader to stay, and you have to make the first sentence appealing. You can write the name of the author, the title of the book, and a description of the theme that you will discuss. Introduce the main characters and a summary of the work. For the conclusion of the introduction, you can write down the main thesis, or a summary of overall ideas. Use clear and precise words which are easy to understand. Do you need an awesome essay? Get it at Weekly Essay.

  • First sentence
  • Author’s name
  • Title of the book
  • Main Characters
  • Short description
  • Thesis

The body has to contain five topic sentences. It depends on the word count of the paper. Each topic paragraph has some sub-parts and you need to have them in your paper.
Topic Paragraph:

  • Topic Sentence — write how this part proves your thesis
  • Connector for the Evidence
  • Evidence — The relevant part of the text
  • Analysis
  • Conclude the paragraph and transition on the next paragraph
  • Repeat this kind of pattern for every paragraph, but don’t do the transition part for the last one.

For the very end you are free to present a summary of your main argument. You have to close the essay in a way where you will tell your last thoughts. You can than write a broad statement that will reflect the importance of the analysis. Also, explain the importance of the text and its themes.
Stick to this outline and you won’t experience any problems. Talk to the professor if you have any more questions and make sure to get to know all the requirements which are important.